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Courses Available

These courses are structured into four main units as listed below..

Graphic Design

Graphic Design We have developed these hands on course to help master different key imaging software and create that extra effect with print. Besides covering the basic skills for software based designing, this course focuses on different aspects of print design including layout, typography, colors and photographs, etc. You will be able to uncover the hidden skills in print design and acquire in-depth technical knowledge to produce different type of print documents.

Web Design Course

Web Design Course This course focus on the skills you need to command the art of creating professional websites quickly and easily. IT professionals or students who want to learn web design for a living should go for this course. The Web Specialist course, which includes the latest trends, technologies and software so that you can get started straightaway, will give you in-depth knowledge about how to design, develop & maintain websites and also about different aspects of web designing including typography on the web, color theory, layout and composition, imagery, etc.


XHTML and CSS EXPERT With this course, we offer you an ideal opportunity to learn how to use CSS and XHTML. After completing this course, you will be able to achieve in-depth knowledge about how to handle CSS and XHTML for controlling text, working with links, inserting images, creating layouts, inserting forms and multimedia content. The course focuses on skills required for creating W3C Valid and compliant HTML, XHTML and CSS codes, search engine friendly/semantic codes, etc. Anyone who needs the benefits and advantages provided by designing with XHTML+CSS can go for this course.